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Document Management Software

Information resource center about electronic document management software systems. Guide to choosing software systems and solutions from leading document management companies in the technology sector. Updated information and news about document management.

Benefits of Using a Document Management Software

Some of the benefits of an electronic document management software systems and solutions are:

  1. Capture, manage and reuse information.
  2. Faster decision making process.
  3. Archival and data retrievement.
  4. Secure delivery of business-critical documents over the Web.
  5. Improve enterprise-wide access to data.
  6. Reduce the amount of paper documents.
  7. Scan, file and view documents.

Content / Document Management Companies

Here is a list of some of the leading companies in the content/document management software sector of the IT industry:

  1. FileNET Corporation
  2. Documentum
  3. Hummingbird Ltd.
  4. Open Text Corporation
  5. Vignette Corp
  6. Interwoven
  7. ScanSoft, Inc.
  8. Mobius Management Systems, Inc.
  9. Stellent, Inc.
  10. Docucorp International, Inc.

Related Solutions

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