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Sales Force Automation

Information resource center about sales and field force automation software. Guide to companies that provide sales force automation software and solutions. Benefits of sales force automation (SFA) are:

  1. Share sales information.
  2. Route leads.
  3. Commissions computation and tracking.
  4. Effectively manage the sales pipeline.
  5. Quota and forecast reporting.
  6. Empower sales reps to negotiate better.
  7. Make accurate sales projections.
  8. Manage credit lines.
  9. Real time activity monitoring.
  10. Contact management and electronic forms.

Sales Force Automation Companies

Here are companies that are in the sales force automation (SFA) sector of the IT industry.

  1. Dendrite International, Inc.
  2. Pragmatech Software, Inc.
  3. Siebel
  5. NetSuite

Related Websites

This section features links to other sales force automation websites.