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Supply Chain Management - News, Quotes and Information

What It Takes to Make a Supply Chain Successful
by Bob Stoffel, UPS Supply Chain Group, Issue Date: August 30, 2004

"Companies are no longer looking to supply chain professionals for simple transportation and distribution services. They are looking to synchronize supply chain events throughout the product life cycle. They now understand that demand forecasting, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and end-of-life-cycle activities must be intertwined."

Oracle Releases New Supply-Chain App
NewsFactor via Yahoo! News - Aug 06 1:48 PM
With its new supply-chain management offering, version 11i.10, Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) focuses on strengthening global capabilities and improving corporate governance and regulatory oversight compliance, among other things.

New supply chain project cuts cost 
The Star Online - Aug 06 5:03 PM
THE implementation of the Efficient Consumer Response - Central Item Repository (ECR-CIP) project, aimed at creating a single electronic platform for the retail and supply industry, could potentially save about 5% in supply chain cost across the board.

Oracle boosts supply chain management tool
VNUNet.com, UK - Aug 5, 2004
Oracle has taken the wraps off Oracle Supply Chain Management 11i.10, claiming that it can boost profits by helping customers to eliminate waste.

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